Mobile Video Telephony: For 3g Wireless Networks

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Wireless video is projected to become a £2.8 billion global business in less than five yearsThis is a system-level design guide written for engineers deploying mobile video services around the world. Compiling relevant aspects of the many confusing standards and protocols surrounding video telephony, the author delivers a detailed tutorial on each phase of deployment, from video compression through multiplexing and call control.


<H4>FOREWORD<H4>ACKNOWLEDGMENTS<H4>INTRODUCTION<H3>Chapter 1: Migrating to Third-Generation Mobile Networks<H3>Chapter 2: Basics of Multimedia Communication<H3>Chapter 3: Media Coding<H3>Chapter 4: Video Telephony over Mobile Switched Networks<H3>Chapter 5: The H-223 Multiplexer in Detail<H3>Chapter 6: H.245 Command and Control in Detail<H3>Chapter 7: Session Walkthrough<H3>Chapter 8: Implementation Issues<H3>Chapter 9: Video Telephony over Mobile Packet Networks<H3>Chapter 10: Supplementary Services and Interworking<H4>APPENDIX A: SYNTAX OF H.245 MESSAGES USED IN 3G-324M<H4>APPENDIX B: H.245 SIGNALING ENTITIES<H4>ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS<H4>BIBLIOGRAPHY<H4>INDEX


David Meyers (Sydney, Australia) is Vice President of Engineering for Dilithium Networks. He has worked for many years within British Telecom's R&D Division and served as Broadband Delivery Manager for BTopenworld, the largest broadband provider in the UK. He is a part-time lecturer at Sydney University and serves as a broadband technical expert to the European Commission.
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