A Husky Howls

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November 2004



My brother Denny was unable to publish his book is because on April 30th, 2004 he was killed in a motorcycle accident. During Easter he was talking about having a book signing once it was published. He was so happy how it turned out and all the great feedback he received from family & friends the read his manuscript. I was fortunate to spend quality time with him during Easter. We never know when the angel of death is going to come for us. He took care of the pack as they fell ill kept them comfortable until death. Riding his Harley was his preferred transportation so he died doing what he loved. Denny for as long as I can remember liked to be in the wind weather it was driving in the winter with the windows down, Skiing, Cycling or riding motorcycles. He has now reunited with the huskies at heavens gate. Now together again Denny is on his sled with Tasha Ko leading the pack to heavens journey.

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