One Day at Fenway: A Day in the Life of Baseball in America

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August 2005



Fenway Park, Saturday, 8/30/03: Yankees versus Red Sox. Not just a special day in a historic rivalry but a unique one in the long tradition of baseball writing. For on this day award-winning sportswriter Steve Kettmann worked with a team of top reporters to chronicle everything that happened, from the point of view of everyone involved. With "One Day at Fenway," Kettmann goes beyond the ballpark to bring you interviews and anecdotes involving all the major players -- from Red Sox owner John Henry and CEO Larry Lucchino, privately second-guessing Grady Little's managing moves during the game; to Yankee skipper Joe Torre, worrying on the bench about Mariano Rivera, who can't find home plate; to Sox slugger Manny Ramirez, who missed the game with a throat infection. And there's more: the famous and infamous players in the field and in the boardrooms, rabid fans on both sides, the not-so-innocent bystanders -- all here in this brilliant re-creation of a day in the life of America's favorite pastime.


"Fascinating...The "Black Hawk Down" of baseball." -- Madison Smart Bell
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