Dementia Caregivers Share Their Stories: A Support Group in a Book

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Juni 2005



Filled with practical advice and innovative approaches to problem-solving, this essential guidebook presents the powerful words of people who have had to care for a parent or spouse with dementia. The interviewees talk about the challenges faced during every step in the caregiving process, from recognizing early symptoms of dementia to dealing with its advanced stages.


Lynda A. Markut is the clinical director at Family Alliance, Inc., a not-for-profit comprehensive social service agency in Woodstock, Illinols. She conducts several support groups and was the caregiver for her parents, who both had vascular dementia. Anatole Crane, a retired microbiologist, co-facilitates a spouse dementia support group and is president of the board of directors of Family Alliance. For fifteen years, he was the caregiver for his wife, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

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