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November 2004



Beginnings is a story of interpersonal relationships unfolding in the fast paced life of a metropolitan hospital. Thirty-six year old Britany finds herself feeling lost and alone as the imminent graduation of her only child nears. She longs for a husband and more children to share her life with, but she has put so much energy into her work as a nurse that she has shut men out of her life. To fill the void she finds herself drawn to her long time pediatrician friend David. Is friendship alone enough to fill the void? Will Britany be able to trust God enough to let Him fill the void? Read on to see the love and blessings God shows to Britany as He teaches her to lean on Him through all of life's adversities. The author, Penny Shoup, is a wife and mother of four grown children. She currently lives on and manages a horse farm. Her love for life and desire to share God's love with others shines through in this captivating story of realized hope and new "Beginnings."

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