Jonathan's Wings

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November 2004



Jonathan's Wings, the sequel to Beginnings, by Penny Shoup, follows Britany's life as she befriends a teenage boy and brings him into her family following his presumed suicide attempt. Orphaned at seventeen Jonathan finds love in Britany's family he has never experienced before. Being in a family brings out a longing in him to find out more about his own family and sets him on a journey across the ocean. While Jonathan searches for answers to life, Britany's daughter Crystal is struggling to find her own way in life. She travels down a dangerous road only to find fear and distrust. Read to find out the exciting twists of God's design that brings both teens into the maturity of adulthood. Jonathan's Wings, is the sequel to Beginnings, but both stand equally well on their own. Penny Shoup has combined warmth and love with just the right amount of mystery and excitement to appeal to anyone who enjoys reading.

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