Chicago Boxing

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Februar 2005



"Professor" Mike Donovan, Battling Nelson-"The Durable Dane," and "Stockyards" Harold Smith-- their stories are as colorful as their names. Chicago's boxing history is as exciting and unpredictable as any prize fight within the ring. Some of the most memorable bouts--great, infamous or otherwise--took place in the city's clubs, parks and arenas, and Chicago has seen its share of champions and top contenders over the years. The Gans-McGovern fight in 1900--the "Big Fix"--set the sport back 25 years in Chicago. The "Long Count" between Tunney and Dempsey, in 1927, may still be the most controversial bout of all time. Chicago Boxing is a story not only of great boxers, but of the fans who embraced them, the promoters who made them big, and even a few mob bosses who made good on their talent.

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