Lighthouses of California: A Guidebook and Keepsake

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August 2005



This stunningly illustrated handbook profiles dozens of lighthouses along the coast of California, which is one of the most lighthouse-rich states in the country. It offers not only history and travel information but also a beautiful full-color souvenir of the state. Profiles of each lighthouse include history, a detailed description of the structure, complete practical information for travelers, and at least one color photograph. From the most highly respected source of lighthouse books.


(1) Introduction (2) San Diego to Santa Barbara (3) Point Conception to Point Montara (4) Lights at the Golden Gate (5) Point Reyes to Crescent City (6) Appendix: Lighthouse Terms and Important People


Bruce Roberts's photographs have appeared in numerous magazines, including Life and Sports Illustrated, and in hundreds of books, many of them about lighthouses. He was director of photography at Southern Living magazine for many years. His work is also on display in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian Institution. He lives in Morehead City, North Carolina. Ray Jones is the author or coauthor of fourteen best-selling books about lighthouses. He has served as an editor at Time-Life Books, as founding editor of Albuquerque Living magazine, as writing coach at Southern Living magazine, and as founding publisher of Country Roads Press. He lives in Pebble Beach, California.
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