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Both traditional and innovative spiritual seekers can find something of use in this training program that contains more than 100 metaphysical exercises. The powerful series of awareness exercises are for individual personal use in everyday situations and are based on a highly successful training program tested throughout North America. Both esoteric and mundane, the exercises include such tasks as going to the supermarket, sitting in an empty bathtub, and pushing hands with the ineffable. Designed to lead to altered perceptions and to create new ideas, this metaphysical program is perfect for veteran spiritual gamers, those who are seeking new experiences, or those who are simply looking for new spiritual adventures.


Claude Needham is one of the creators of a series of interactive video games that are specifically designed to increase awareness and promote communication and intuition within the groupings of players. He is the author of "The Handbook for the Recently Deceased." He lives in Nevada City, California.
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Untertitel: Your Personal Metaphysical Fitness Trainer. b/w illus. Sprache: Englisch.
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