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Jake Morgan finds himself in the midst of a 50-year-old mystery that could get him killed in this second installment of the Jake Morgan Mystery series. Jake owes his employer a favor and so he reluctantly agrees to keep an eye on the boss's niece, who is the granddaughter of Carmine Bonello, the man in charge of the management and skimming of the Las Vegas mob operations in the 1950s. Planning for his young family's future, Carmine began embezzling a portion of the unreported revenue, and then mysteriously disappeared. Since that fateful day, his wife Olivia has had her every move monitored by the mobsters who are anxious to get their money back. When her health begins to fail, Olivia calls her only granddaughter to her side, and those watching realize that a family secret is about to be passed down to the last of the Bonellos. Jake and his charge are accosted, and as the bumps and bruises escalate, he realizes this is the final piece of the puzzle--a cache worth millions. But is it worth his life?

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