Notes from the Underground

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September 2005



Edited by the coauthors of the notorious zine "The Guerrilla Graywater Girls Guide to Water, " this collection of original essays, drawings, and photographs is part radical history of water and part DIY guide to disengaging one's home, school, or workplace from the wasteful water grid. The pieces are arranged in three sections: "Water Wars" focuses on the history and politics of dams and water infrastructure; "The Water Grid" chronicles the rise of energy-intensive, polluting sewage treatment plants, and points out alternative systems; and "Watershed" examines the often destructive relationship between human settlements and nature, but finds hope in the experiences of those involved in watershed restoration.


Cleo Woelfe-Erskine is a writer, teacher and agitator. His water conservation projects have also been widely featured in numerous publications. He lives in Oakland, California. Laura Allen is a gardener, activist and teacher. She also lives in Oakland, California.


"Water has joined oil as the key political liquids of our epoch, and this book will join Amita Baviskar's In the Belly of the River as a powerful weapon in the struggle of commoners everywhere against the neo-liberal makeover of our world and its waters." - Iain Boal, author of Resisting the Virtual Life "A sweeping overview of water issues. An accessible and energising resource for the next generation of activists and radical plumbers." - Art Ludwug, author of Water Storage"
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