Simon's Shadows

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Corruption, sex, drugs, and violence. and that's just the teachers. Welcome to the present state of education in the State of California. Richard Simon returns to teach at the high school he was thrown out of years before. He finds that the school is worse than it was when he left and it has become the dumping grounds for the school district to house problem students involved with gangs, drugs, and who have emotional problems; the social junk. Teachers are offended by his concept of simple respect in educating students. They revolt in an attempt to have him removed. In his attempt to help the student who desperately needs him, he finds that he makes more enemies with the teaching staff than he does friends. Simon is eventually required to pay the ultimate price when he loses his life while trying to help one of the students. Twist and turns of the story lead to a very surprising ending. Truly a unique perspective on education in California woven into a series of novels that will capture your attention from the very first page.

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