Positive Prevention

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November 2004



-The latest "buzz word" in HIV prevention -Few resources available on "positive prevention"
-Kalichman is a known and recognized name in the field of HIV prevention


Table of Contents Foreword Chapter 1 An Overview of Prevention with People Living with HIV Chapter 2 HIV Diagnosis and Risk Behavior Chapter 3 HIV Disclosure and Safer Sex Chapter 4 HIV-Positive Gay and Bisexual Men Chapter 5 HIV-Positive and HCV-Positive Drug Users Chapter 6 Young People Living with HIV Chapter 7 Interventions in Community Settings Chapter 8 Interventions in Clinical Settings Chapter 9 International Perspectives Index


From the reviews:
"This comprehensive and well-referenced book explores prevention of the spread of HIV in relation to the most high-risk and vulnerable HIV-positive populations."
"Each chapter is thoroughly referenced, with studies to support the information provided."
"This book is an invaluable addition to the HIV literature and will provide readers with the tools they need to have an impact on prevention."
Joan Cannon, PharmD (Edward J. Hines Jr. VA Hospital)
Doody's Book Reviews
"A complementary approach to the prevention of the spread of HIV focuses directly on the potential sources of infection. ... Positive Prevention articulates this complementary approach and describes its empirical basis. ... This book is a 'must read' for those interested in the prevention of HIV transmission. It has enough breadth to provide a general overview of 'prevention with positives' and enough detail to satisfy and educate those already working in this area. Clinicians ... will find this book valuable." (Gary Marks, New England Journal of Medicine, Issue 4, August, 2005)
"Kalichman, a University of Connecticut psychologist and researcher ... has edited a timely collection of contributions from international scholars in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention. ... The straightforward prose helps condense the translation of complicated technical research data into understandable information. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-level graduate students, researchers, and professionals." (P. Wermager, CHOICE, Vol. 43 (1), September, 2005)
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