Get Creative!: The Digital Photo Idea Book

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Entertain family and friends with beautiful, funny, and interesting compositions created with digital and printed photography. This thorough guide is loaded with answers, suggestions, examples, and techniques to help users with scanning, image editing, printing, and more.


Part I: Getting Started 1: Recipes for Images 2: Boot Camp Part II: Patterns, Textures, Filters, and Backgrounds 3: Making Your Images "Touchable" 4: Out of Thin Air 5: Roll Over, Michelangelo Part III: Colors and Tinting 6: Deal Yourself a Winning Hand 7: Turning Back the Calendar 8: Housewarming, 1850s Style 9: With Color, Less Really Can Be More 10: Simple Gifts Part IV: Combining Elements 11: No Scissors, No Paste 12: Getting It Together 13: What I Did on My Summer Vacation Part V: Other Fun Stuff 14: What Fools These Mortals Be 15: Hey, They Took My Camera! 16: Better Than Perfect Part VI: Appendixes A: The Software in Review B: How Do I Get There from Here? C: Glossary


Kate Binder is a production artist, Photoshop expert, and author or co-author of several computer books including SVG For Designers, The Photoshop 6 Cookbook, Easy Adobe Photoshop 5/6, Photoshop Complete 4, and Teach Yourself QuarkXPress 4 in 14 Days. Richard Binder is an artist, designer, and technical writer who works in both traditional and electronic media.
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