Quality Education for Latinos and Latinas: Print and Oral Skills for All Students, K-College

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As educators and legislators across the country debate how to improve public schools, the most vital factor often disappears from the equation--the relationship between the teacher and the student. According to veteran educators Rita and Marco Portales, this relationship is the central issue in the education of students, especially Latino/a students who often face serious barriers to school success because of the legacy of racism, insufficient English-language skills, and cultural differences with the educational establishment.To break down these barriers and help Latino/a students acquire a quality education, the Portaleses focus attention on the teacher-student relationship and offer a proven method that teachers can use to strengthen the print and oral skills of their students. They begin by analyzing the reasons why schools too often fail to educate Latino/a students, using eloquent comments from young Latinos/as and their parents to confirm how important the teacher-student relationship is to the student's success. Then they show how all educational stakeholders--teachers, administrators, state education agencies, legislators, and parents--can work together to facilitate the teacher-student relationship and improve student education. By demonstrating how teachers can improve students' reading, critical thinking, writing, and oral communication skills across the curriculum, they argue that learning can be made more relevant for students, keeping their interest levels high while preparing them for academically competitive colleges.


Preface; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Part I. Education and Latino/a Students Today; 1. Thinking about Our Spanish-speaking Students in the Schools; 2. Latino/a Students and the Schools We Could Create; 3. But Our Education Systems Are Distended; 4. Why Students Drop Out; 5. A Mexican American Mother Who Will Not Visit School; 6. The Tribal Mentality and Favoritism; 7. Crime and Properly Funded Schools; Part II. How to Repair an Education System; 8. Teachers, Administrators, Board Members, State Education Agencies, Legislators, and Taxpayers: Which Is the Most Important Group?; 9. The K-12 School District Team; 10. Teachers and Students in the Classroom; 11. Understanding and Educating All Students; 12. The Four K-16 Cultures; Part III. A Print and Oral Approach; 13. Emphasizing All Print and Oral Skills; 14. Blueprint for Reinstating Social Values and Civic Virtues; 15. A Print and Oral Approach That Champions the Importance of Clauses; 16. A Third Dimension to Words: Choreographing Writing; Conclusion; 17. Quality Education and the Teachers in the Classroom; Notes; Bibliography


This thoughtful book is worthy of being studied and its principles adopted.--Gustavo A. Mellander"Hispanic Outlook" (03/12/2007)
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