The Freedom Quilting Bee: Folk Art and the Civil Rights Movement

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April 2005



The original book on the renowned Freedom quilters of Gee's Bend.


Nancy Callahan is an independent writer and journalist living in Tuscaloosa, AL. She has published many articles and one book, Freedom Quilting Bee, and is currently working on a book-length social and historical study of Hurricane Creek.


"This book is one that should be read by anyone interested in African American culture, in women's culture, in handicrafts, or in history. [The Freedom Quilting Bee is so well-written and so interesting, it will spark the reader's interest from the outset - Mid-America Folklore "The Freedom Quilting Bee is a modern success story - this book is about people cooperating, about women who work hard to make their dreams come true. It story about poverty, civil rights, folk art and crafts in rural America, about caring humans who became involved to help one another. The Freedom Quilting Bee touches many disciplines, but most of all, it gives us insight into the human heart." - Alabama Review "The author expertly weaves the history, the hardships of poor blacks in a downtrodden racist society and the economics of the long struggle to become self-sufficient Callahan proves she can handle a complex, multi-charactered, significant piece of Southern history." - Atlanta Constitution
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