Scrapbooking for Profit: Cashing in on Retail, Home-Based and Internet Opportunities

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Juni 2005



This comprehensive guide reveals eleven paths to making money in the scrapbook market, along with the tools to do it. The chapters cover any career option, business situation, and topic a scrapbook artist might encounter, including: the challenges of being an entrepreneur; the organizational and legal steps of starting a scrap booking enterprise; product design & copyright; consulting, publishing, and teaching opportunities in scrap booking; publicity and promotion; advertising; forms & sample contracts. Step by step, the author explains how to set up a lucrative scrap booking business, from brick-and-mortar stores, home-based, and internet-based scrap booking businesses to selling through retail and wholesale outlets. Each chapter is replete with quotes, advice, and do's and don'ts from industry experts. A chapter on motivation and continued success helps advanced scrapbook artists keep focused and plan their next growth strategy. Brimming with business acumen and a contagious sense of creative passion, this much-needed resource provides detailed counsel for anyone seeking to cash in on the scrapbook revolution.


Rebecca Pittman has been working with crafts and the selling of crafts from an early age. She has started and run several businesses centred around faux paintings, murals, interior decorating, unique crafts, and weddings. She gives frequent classes and seminars on crafts businesses and is the author of How to Start a Faux-Painting or Mural Business
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