Embracing the Sacred Seasons of Lent and Easter: Daily Reflections and Prayers

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Januar 2005



No one goes to the desert for forty days without expecting to find someone or something there. Christians, by their very nature, are seekers. We look for direction, we look for fulfillment, and we look for others who want to walk the road with us. We knock on the doors of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, seeking shelter and wisdom. Embracing the Sacred Season is a guide in this search, at the center of which we hope to find God. What happens when the door is opened, and we know that we are in the presence of God? These unique reflections for the entire seasons of both Lent and Easter, based on Scripture readings, are direct, and help us take an honest look at our relationship with God. Each is followed up by reflection questions and a prayer. Let Janis Yaekel take you on a spiritual dance with God, as you embrace the sacred season.

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