Twilight Warriors: Covert Air Operations Against the USSR

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Juni 2013



From the start of the Cold War to the fall of Saigon, from the Congo to Tibet, from the Bay of Pigs to North Vietnam and Nicaragua, here is a comprehensive overview of U.S. air-supported covert operations against the Soviet bloc. "Twilight Warriors brings a sense of continuity to the shifting, shadowy battlefronts of the Cold War, spanning the postwar decades with one fascinating account after another. The known and not-so well known are woven together to provide the big picture: failed early attempts to set up spy cells behind the Iron Curtain (attempts doomed by infamous traitor Kim Philby), the actual CIA plane that secretly appeared in the James Bond film "Thunderball," Operation Mongoose, clandestine "airlines," and the gutsy breed who took to the skies as airborne spies. This is a sweeping, globe-trotting account of covert ops in the postwar era that reads like an epic secret history.


Curtis Peebles is the author of The Corona Project and 11 other books on aerospace history. He is with the NASA History Office at the Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards AFB.
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