A Wizard by Any Other Name

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November 2004



When Mallecyne St. Merline was told she had been assigned a new partner for an ongoing investigation, she wasn't pleased. When she discovered her partner was a 'null', while Mallecyne herself was a fifth-level sorcerer, she wondered what her boss was thinking. Isis City was in the midst of a crisis amongst high school students -- their most promising young wizards and sorceresses were being abducted into another dimension. Hero Wizardsbane wasn't just a 'null' -- he was one of the famed Wizardsbane clan; impervious to magic. As a team they are the only ones who can defeat the evil wizard Tynedale -- Mallecyne's former mentor and lover -- and end his scheme to take over their world. In the rescuing of the stranded magick students Mallecyne and Hero get glimpses of our world that make them glad to live in theirs; while working together the two police officers fall in love and pledge their troth.

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