Belonging to the Land: Life in the Communities of the Chaco Region of Salta

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Juli 2005



The book presents the life of the communities of the Chaco region in the Argentine north, through the images of photographer Pablo Lasansky. The black and white photographs are the result of two years of work with communities of the Wichi. Toba, and Chorate peoples, organized in the Lhaka Honhat Association of Native Communities. The work is part of a campaign by the indigenous organization to create awareness of the existence of these communities and of their demands for the legalization of their traditional territories. Pablo Lasansky is head of the photography department of the Noticias Argentinas agency and works with IWGIA to produce images of the various indigenous peoples of South America. He was involved as a photographer and editor in the "Argentinian Photojournalism" exhibitions that documented the transition to democracy in Argentina and has had photos published in Democracia Vigilada, Argentina En Fotos, and Argentina, Patrimonio. He won the Interpress Photo prize in Moscow in 1985. Francisco Perez is the president of Lhaka Honhat and coordinator of the Association of Aboriginal Communities. Morita Carrasco is an anthropologist.

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