Mapping Our Ancestors: Phylogenetic Approaches in Anthropology and Prehistory

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Much of what we are comes from our ancestors. Through cultural and biological inheritance mechanisms, our genetic composition, instructions for constructing artifacts, the structure and content of languages, and rules for behavior are passed from parents to children and from individual to individual. Mapping Our Ancestors demonstrates how various genealogical or 'phylogenetic' methods can be used both to answer questions about human history and to build evolutionary explanations for the shape of history.


Carl P. Lipo is assistant professor of anthropology at California State University in Long Beach. Michael O'Brien is professor of anthropology and Director of the Museum of Anthropology at the University of Missouri, Mark Collard is assistant professor of anthropology at the University of British Columbia, Stephen J. Shennan is a professor and Director of the Institute of Archaeology at the University College London. Niles Eldredge is a curator in the department of invertebrates at the American Museum of Natural History, and adjunct professor at the City University of New York.

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