Forms of Ethical Thinking in Therapeutic Practice

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"This is a good, valuable addition to the literature on ethics in the therapeutic practice." Sexual and Relationship TherapyMost books about ethics focus either on the origins of ethics, or on the application of ethical thinking to a single form of therapy. This book sets out to span a range of very different forms of therapy and explores the similarities and the differences between the ethical thinking of the practitioners concerned. By looking at ethical issues in different therapeutic settings the reader is challenged to reconsider the working assumptions which underpin familiar therapeutic practice. Readers of Forms of Ethical Thinking in Therapeutic Practice are offered the unique opportunity to gain insights into the ethical thinking of experienced practitioners offering strikingly different services to their clients and working in contrasting contexts.Essential reading for all practitioners in counselling and the therapies, students, trainers, supervisors and providers of therapeutic services.


Ethics, psychology and therapeutic practice
Ethical thinking in individual therapy
Telephone work, with special reference to Samaritans
Ethical thinking in online therapy
Ethical thinking in couple counselling and therapy
Ethical issues in marital and family counselling in India
Ethical thinking in family therapy
Ethical issues in group therapy
Ethics and supervision
Forms of ethical thinking and practice


Derek Hill is the former Head of Pratitioner Training of Relate. He retired after more than twenty-five years of couple casework and activity as a supervisor and trainer in the organization. A Fellow of the BACP, he now combines writing with the demands of the role of Chair of the International Commission on Couple and Family Relations (ICCFR/CIRCF) Caroline Jones is an experienced workplace counsellor, a Senior Registered Counsellor and Fellow of the BACP. She has a small independent practice as a counselling supervisor.
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