Space, Time, and Culture

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Interculturality has been one of key concepts in phenomenological literature. It seeks to clarify the philosophical basis for intercultural exchange within the horizon of our life-world. The essays in this volume focus on the themes around space, time and culture from the perspectives of Chinese and Western phenomenologists. Though the discussions begin with classical phenomenological texts in Husserl, Heidegger or Merleau-Ponty, they extend to the problems of Daoism and Buddhism, as well as to sociology and analytic philosophy. The collection of this volume is a fruitful result of inter-cultural exchange of phenomenology.


Preface. Introduction. Making Chinese Sense of Phenomenology; S.K. L AO. 1. Time Zones: Phenomenological Reflections on Cultural Time; D. CARR. 2. Krisis: The Power of Sense. Time, History and the Crisis of Western Culture in Husserl's Phenomenology; M. RUGGENINI. 3. The Human Sciences and Historicality: Heidegger and the Self-positioning of the Western Humanistic Tradition; T.W. K WAN . 4. Authentic Historicality; S. CROWELL. 5. The Sociological Gaze and its Time Structure- A Sociologist's Belated Encounter with Merleau-Ponty; P.K. L UI . 6. Toward Revisioning Ricoeur's Hermeneutic of Suspicion in Other Spaces and Cultures; P. BILIMORIA. 7. Objectivity and Inter-Cultural Experience; W. McKENNA. 8. Phenomenology of the Consocial Situation: Advancing the Problems; L. EMBREE. 9. Intersubjectivity and Phenomenology of the Other: Merleau-Ponty' s Contribution; K.Y. L AU . 10. Personal Givenness and Cultural a prioris; A. STEINBOCK. 11. Lifeworld, Cultural Difference and the Idea of Grounding; C.C. Y U. 12. Empathy and Compassion as Experiential Praxis. Confronting Phenomenological Analysis and Buddhist Teachings; N. DEPRAZ. 13. Heng and Temporality of Dao: Laozi and Heidegger; Q.J. WANG. 14. Self-Consciousness (Svasamvittibhaga) and Ego-Consciousness (Manas) in Yogacara Buddhism and in Husserl's Phenomenology; L.K. N I 15. Natural Realism, Anti-reductionism, and Intentionality. The 'Phenomenology' of Hilary Putnam.; D. ZAHAVI. 16. Separation and Connection: Phenomenologyof Door and Window; C. F.CHEUNG . Notes on Contributors. Index of Names.
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