Photopolarimetry in Remote Sensing

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September 2004



Photopolarimetric remote sensing is vital in fields as diverse as medical diagnostics, astrophysics, atmospheric science, environmental monitoring and military intelligence. The areas considered here include: radiative transfer; dynamic systems; backscatter polarization; biological systems; astrophysical phenomena; comets; and instrumentation. Subtopics include observational information including determining morphology and chemistry, light-scattering models, and characterization methodologies. While this introductory text highlights the latest advances in this multi-disciplinary topic, it is also a reference guide for the advanced researcher.


Preface. General Information. Maxwell's Equations, Electromagnetic Waves and Stokes Parameters; M.I. Mishchenko, L.D. Travis. Polarized Light Scattering by Large Nonspherical Particles; A. Macke, K. Muinonen. Optimization of Numerical Inversion in Photopolarimetric Remote Sensing; O. Dubovik. Radiative Transfer. Eigenvalue Shifting - A New Analytical-Computational Method in Radiative Transfer Theory; H. Domke. Quadratic Integrals in Inverse Problems with Multiple Scattering; T. Viik, N.J. McCormick. Dynamic Systems. Polarization Fluctuation Spectroscopy; K.I. Hopcraft, et al. Intensity and Polarization Fluctuation Statistics of Light Scattered by Systems of Particles; F. González, et al. Backscatter Polarization. Scattering Properties of Planetary Regoliths near Opposition; Y. Shkuratov, et al. Backscattering from Particles near Planar Surfaces; G. Videen, K. Muinonen. Backscattering Effects for Discrete Random Media; V. Tishkovets, et al. Biological Systems. Inverse Polarimetry and Light Scattering by Leaves; S.N. Savenkov, R.S. Muttiah. Optical Properties and Biomedical Applications of Nanostructures Based on Gold and Silver Bioconjugates; N.G. Khlebtsov, et al. Astrophysical Phenomena. Polarization of Light by Young Stellar Objects; V.P. Grinin. Infrared Polarimatry of Interstellar Dust; J.H. Hough, D.K. Aitken. Measurements of General Magnetic Fields on Stars with Vigorous Convective Zones Using High-Accuracy Spectropolarimetry; S.I. Plachinda. Polarimetry and Physics of Solar System Bodies; A. Morozhenko, A. Vid'machenko. Disk-Integrated Polarimetry of Mercury in 2000-2002; D. Lupishko, N. Kiselev.Comets. Polarimetry of Dust in the Solar System: Observations and Measurements; A. Chantal Levasseur-Regourd. Polarimetry of Comets: Progress and problems; N. Kiselev, V. Rosenbush. Characterization of Dust Particles Using Photopolarimetric Data: Example of Cometary Dust; L. Kolokolova, et al. Photopolarimetry Instrumentation. Invitation to Spectropolarimetry; Y. Yefimov. Astronomical Polarimeters and Features of Polarimetric Observations; A. Morozhenko, A. Vid'machenko. Attendees. Index.
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