The Geopolitics of Resource Wars: Resource Dependence, Governance and Violence

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A wealth of natural resources such as oil or diamonds should, in theory, favor a country's economic and social development. And yet, from the oil fields of the Persian Gulf to the diamond mines of West Africa, millions of people in resource-rich countries have seen their lives devastated as a result of exploitative commercial relations, corrupt governance and war. Going beyond conventional arguments of resource competition over scarce resources, this book examines the 'resource curse' affecting many resource-dependent countries and the spaces of (mis)governance shaping the violent geopolitics of many raw materials. Highlighting the multiple forms of violence accompanying the history of resources exploitation and current business practices supporting predatory regimes, insurgent groups and terrorists, this book provides fresh and in-depth perspectives on so-called 'resource wars'. The book includes conceptual chapters and covers a wide range of case studies including the geopolitics of oil control in the Middle East, Central Asia and Columbia, spaces of governance and 'petro-violence' in Nigeria and 'blood diamonds' and other minerals associated with conflicts in Sierra Leone and the Congo. This book is a special issue of the journal "Geopolitics.


1. The Geopolitical Economy of 'Resource Wars' 2. Natural Resources and Civil Strife: A two-stage process 3. Resource Curse?: Govermentality, oil and power in the Niger delta, Nigeria 4. Oil and the Political Economy of Conflict in Columbia and Beyond: A linkages approach 5. From Free Oil to 'Freedom Oil': Terrorism, war and US geopolitics in the Persian Gulf 6. Great Game or Grubby Game?: The struggle for control of the Caspian 7. Resources and Conflict in the Caspian Sea 8. Coercive Western Energy Security Strategies: 'Resource wars' as a new threat to global security 9. The Geopolitics of Conflict and Diamonds in Sierra Leone 10. Identity, Space and the Political Economy of Conflict in Central Asia


Philippe Le Billon is Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia with the Department of Geography and the Liu Institute on Global Issues. A former Research Associate at the International Institute for Strategic Studies and the Overseas Development Institute, he is the author of Fuelling War: Natural Resources and Armed Conflicts.
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