The Politics of Protection: Sites of Insecurity and Political Agency

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This new book shows how from the end of the Cold War, the security agenda has been transformed and redefined, academically and politically.
It focuses on the theme of protection. It moves away from the dominant question of whom or what is threatening to the crucial questions of who is to be protected, and in the case of conflicting claims, who has the capacity to define whose needs prevail.
It also poses the question of political agency in relation to some of the most significant questions raised in relation to the governance of insecurity and protection in the contemporary world. The authors identify and explore issues that challenge or raise a number of questions about the traditional notion that states are to protect their citizens through retaining a monopoly over the legitimate use of violence.


Preface Chapter 1. Agency and The Politics of Protection: Implications for Security Studies Jef Huysmans Chapter 2. Privatizing the Politics of Protection: Military Companies and the Definition of Security Concerns Anna Leander Chapter 3. Privatisation, Globalisation, and the Politics of Protection in South Africa Rita Abrahamsen and Michael C. Williams Chapter 4. Taking Rights, Mediating Wrongs: Disagreements over the Political Agency of Non-Status Refugees. Peter Nyers Chapter 5. Resisting Sovereign Power: Camps In-between Exception and Dissent. Raffaela Puggioni Chapter 6. Protection: security, territory and population. Didier Bigo Chapter 7. "Civilizing" the Balkans, Protecting Europe: the International Politics of Reconstruction in Bosnia and Kosovo Alexandra Gheciu Chapter 8. The Judicialisation of Armed Conflict: transforming the 21st Century Elspeth Guild Chapter 9. The Limits of Agency in Times of Emergency Vivienne Jabri Chapter 10. Sovereignty, International Security and the Regulation of Armed Conflict: the Possibilities of Political Agency Neil Walker Chapter 11. Do we need (to protect) nature? Andrew Dobson Chapter 12. On the Protection of Nature and the Nature of Protection R.B.J. Walker


Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.


'This collection of essays provides a meeting point for theorists and practitioners to discuss the current controversies surrounding security and protection.' - Alistair D. B. Cook, The University of Melbourne
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