Hidden Worlds: Hunting for Quarks in Ordinary Matter

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No one has ever seen a quark, yet physicists seem to know quite a lot about the properties and behavior of these ubiquitous elementary particles. A top researcher introduces a fascinating, but invisible, realm that is part of our everyday life.


LIST OF FIGURES ix ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xi CHAPTER ONE: Hidden Worlds: The Search for Quarks in Ordinary Matter 1 CHAPTER TWO: The Rise and Fall (for the right reasons) and Rise Again of the Quark Hypothesis 15 CHAPTER THREE: The Players and the Stage 33 CHAPTER FOUR: The Nature of the Evidence 51 CHAPTER FIVE: Measuring a Rainbow 68 CHAPTER SIX: Particle Taxonomy and Quark Soup 90 CHAPTER SEVEN: The Shape of Things 109 CHAPTER EIGHT: Three Quarks Plus 131 CHAPTER NINE: Digging a Little Deeper 148 CHAPTER TEN: A New Age of Exploration within the Hidden World 161 GLOSSARY 165 INDEX 175


Timothy Paul Smith is Assistant Research Professor at Dartmouth College and was previously a Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bates Linear Accelerator Center.


Smith gives us a series of extremely readable and well-chosen analogies to explain the science. His relaxed style makes for an enjoyable read. . . . [A] useful addition to the popular literature on particle physics.
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