The Design of Instruction and Evaluation: Affordances of Using Media and Technology

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September 2004



Addresses the design of instructional&evaluation systems&the use&promise of the use of media&technology w/in such systems.The premise is that the study of psychology provides the scientific underpinnings of successful design that improves learning.


Contents: M. Rabinowitz, Introduction: The Design of Instruction and Evaluation: Psychological Foundations. Part I: Affordances of Media. S.M. Fisch, Characteristics of Effective Materials for Informal Education: A Cross-Media Comparison of Television, Magazines, and Interactive Media. S.L. Calvert, Media Forms for Children's Learning. R.E. Mayer, Designing Multimedia Technology That Supports Human Learning. Part II: Affordances of Technology. M. Gauvain, S. Borthwick-Duffy, Opportunities for Learning and Development in an After-School Computer Club. Y.B. Kafai, C.C. Ching, S. Marshall, Learning Affordances of Collaborative Software Design. R.E. Bennett, How the Internet Will Help Large-Scale Assessment Reinvent Itself. J.D. Fletcher, Technology, the Columbus Effect, and the Third Revolution in Learning. Part III: Affordances of Software. F.C. Blumberg, M. Torenberg, L.M. Sokol, Asynchronous Learning in Graduate School Classes. R.E. DiPaolo, A.C. Graesser, D.J. Hacker, H.A. White, the Tutoring Research Group, Hints in Human and Computer Tutoring. H.T. Everson, Intelligent Tutors Need Intelligent Measurement, or the Other Way 'Round.
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