A Wretch Like Me

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Dezember 2004



There is an army of darkness that is equipped with all the armor of evil. This army is guided and led by a man of war (Satan) that exceeds ruthlessness. Driven by anger and the determination to take it over, his only motive is to kill, steal and destroy. The leader of this army has set up forces throughout the world. Strategically deceiving nations, his fury runs rampant in obsessed madness. He is determined to blind the truth from all and attempt to keep all from knowing and accepting the truth. His attack targets all mankind from the birth. The teachings explored in this book pull together the Word of GOD with practical understandings of circumstances and situations in our life. It confidently validates and assures of truths previously misunderstood. Capturing a fix on the enemy of this world and his evil strategies, revelations into the spiritual battle of the mind and real situations and circumstances pull together the Word of GOD with clarity. JESUS IS LORD ! Marguerite S. Holmes

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