The Family and Medical Leave ACT: A Dozen Years of Confusion: A Compliance Guide for Employers

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Must Reading for Employers Covered by The Family and Medical Leave Act. The FMLA is one of the most complex and confusing employment laws in the United States. After a "Dozen Years of Confusion" the average employer is still not certain about the law, what to do, what's required. what's not. This book provides necessary information for all employers to assist them as they work their way through the "maze" of the FMLA. If you are not certain, if you are unsure, if you are confused about what to do regarding the FMLA this is the book for you. The FMLA: A Dozen Years of Confusion: The Employer's Guide to Compliance presents and explains complex FMLA issues in a manner that is easy to understand. The "Ultimate" FMLA Quiz, is a fun, but thorough method for learning more about this complex law. This book is "the reference guide" for employers and belongs in the HR office of every FMLA covered employer in America.

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