The Petting Farm Poster Book

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Juni 2005



Bring the barnyard home! When it comes to cuteness, baby farm animals are right up at the top of the list. The Petting Farm Poster Book features 30 pull-out posters, with beautifully reproduced, close-up images of adorable chicks, ducklings, goslings, kids, lambs, calves, foals, piglets, rabbits, goats, and more.

Animal-loving children of all ages will be eager to display these farm friends on their bedroom walls. The back of each poster includes fun facts and educational information about the animalbs breed, habits, and history. The pages can be read as a book first, then, with a gentle tug, turned into posters.

From a goofy-grinned calf to a fuzzy ballshaped chick, everyone will find a favorite in this barnyard menagerie.

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