The Qui Parle

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Dezember 2004



Fiction. Drama. Poetry. Kenneth Bernerd engages us in the Nietzschean question QUI PARLE; who or what is speaking in any case? What is the foundation of anything, the ground of certitude? If the answer is aporetic, how then to proceed? The question has absorbed Kenneth Bernard through much of his later writings, and is aDdressed directly in this work. QUI PARLE dramatizes the infuriating multiplicity and baselessness of all things, with poetic addenda to specific lines further complicating the matter, seeking at least rhetorical solutions (edifying discourse), which might be all that are available. Mr. Bernard can change one's perceptions and shatter emotions from phase to phase, and he has an unerring instinct for the dramatic possibilities in philosophical questions that have troubled people for thousands of years -- D.J.R. Bruckner, New York Times.

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