Essay in Cooperative Games

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Essays on Cooperative Games collates selected contributions on Cooperative Games. The papers cover both theoretical aspects (Coalition Formation, Values, Simple Games and Dynamic Games) and applied aspects (in Finance, Production, Transportation and Market Games). A contribution on Minimax Theorem (by Ken Binmore) and a brief history of early Game Theory (by Gianfranco Gambarelli and Guillermo Owen) are also enclosed.


Foreword. Acknowledgments. A short biography of Guillermo Owen. Part 1: THE DAWNINGS. The Coming of Game Theory; Gianfranco Gambarelli and Guillermo Owen. Guillermo Owen's Proof of the Minimax Theorem; Ken Binmore. Part 2: COALITION FORMATION. Encouraging a coalition formation; Michael Maschler. Part 3: VALUES. An Axiomatization of the Maschler-Owen Consistent Ntu-value; Sergiu Hart. The P-value for Cost Sharing in Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Situations; Rodica Branzei, Stefano Moretti, Henk Norde and Stef Tijs. A Unified Approach to the Myerson Value and the Position Value; Daniel Gómez González, Enrique González-Arangüena, Conrado M. Manuel García, Juan Mónica del Pozo and Guillermo Owen. Part 4: POWER INDICES. Alpha-decisiveness in simple games; Francesc Carreras. Monotonicy of Power: and Power Measures; Manfred J. Holler and Stefan Napel. On the Meaning of Owen-Banzhaf Coalitional Value in Voting Situations; Annick Laruelle and Federico Valenciano. 'Counting' Power Indices for Games with A Priori Unions; Marcin Malawski. Part 5: DYNAMIC GAMES. The Dynamic Stability of Coalitionist Behaviour for Two-strategy Bimatrix Games; Ross Cressman, József Garay, Antonino Scarelli and Zoltán Varga. Dynamic Coalition Formation in the Apex Game; Emiko Fukuda and Shigeo Muto. How Many People can be Controlled in a Group Pursuit Game; Yaroslavna Pankratova and Svetlana Tarashnina. Part 6: APPLICATIONS. Relevance of Winning Coalitions in Indirect Control of Corporations; Enrico Denti and Nando Prati. Takeover Prices and Portfolio Theory; Gianfranco Gambarelli and Serena Pesce. A Note on the Owen Set of Linear Programming Games and Nash Equilibria; Vito Fragnelli. On the Owen Set of Transportation Situations; NatividadLlorca, Elisenda Molina, Manuel Pulido and Joaquín Sánchez-Soriano. The Lovász Extension of Market Games; Encarnación Algaba, Jesús Mario Bilbao, Julio Rodrigo Fernández and Andrés Jiménez. Author Index. The Authors.
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