Archaeology and Colonialism: Cultural Contact from 5000 BC to the Present

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Oktober 2009



Ranging from the Uruk cities of early Mesopotamia, through the empires of the Romans and the Aztecs, to the colonies of modern European states, Chris Gosden presents a comparative survey of 7,000 years of colonialism. (Archaeology is the only discipline that permits such a long-term view across all forms of colonialism.) Gosden argues that modern colonialism, by giving rise to settler societies, is historically unusual and represents an important area for the long-term study of power and material culture.


1. Introduction; 2. Other approaches to colonialism; 3. A model of colonialism; 4. Colonialism within a shared cultural milieu; 5. The middle ground; 6. Terra nullius; 7. Power.


Chris Gosden is Lecturer and Curator at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford.


'Archaeology and Colonialism is a highly readable reassessment of colonialism ... Archaeology and Colonialism is an enjoyable and useful book. Through its concentration on power relations manifest in material culture, it offers a new and stimulating way to approach cultural contact.' Stephanie Wynne-Jones, University of Cambridge ' ... a brave and interesting attempt at a new synthesis ...' Ancient West & East
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