Coevolutionary Fuzzy Modeling

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Oktober 2004



Building on fuzzy logic and evolutionary computing, this book introduces fuzzy cooperative coevolution as a novel approach to systems design, conductive to explaining human decision process. Fuzzy cooperative coevolution is a methodology for constructing systems able to accurately predict the outcome of a decision-making process, while providing an understandable explanation of the underlying reasoning. The central contribution of this work is the use of an advanced evolutionary technique, cooperative coevolution, for dealing with the simultaneous design of connective and operational parameters. Cooperative coevolution overcomes several limitations exhibited by other standard evolutionary approaches. The applicability of fuzzy cooperative coevolution is validated by modeling the decision processes of three real-world problems, an iris data benchmark problem and two problems from breast cancer diagnosis.


1 Introduction.- 2 Evolutionary Fuzzy Modeling.- 3 Coevolutionary Fuzzy Modeling.- 4 Breast Cancer Diagnosis by Fuzzy CoCo.- 5 Analyzing Fuzzy CoCo.- 6 Extensions of the Methodology.- 7 Conclusions and Future Work.


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