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Passion, medicine, and politics collide in this romantic thriller. The arduous process of getting a new medical procedure approved by a bureaucracy plays havoc in the lives of a young neurosurgeon with a revolutionary cure for nerve injury and a beautiful ballerina who needs the treatment as her only hope. As the doctor battles a system stacked against him, his career and the life of his beautiful patient hang in the balance. A FOREWORD Book of the Year Finalist and WRITER'S DIGEST International Book Awards pick.
Brilliant Manhattan neurosurgeon David Lang has developed a breakthrough treatment to repair damaged nerves, which promises a long-awaited cure for paralyzing brain and spinal cord injuries. He believes his treatment is safe, but he must first get permission to use it from New York State's health system, CareFree. Beset with budget overruns and other priorities, the powerful agency puts David's procedure on the back burner. To the surgeon's despair, it will take years for CareFree to study the new technique and for him to complete the red tape needed for acceptance. He's warned that if he performs the treatment without the proper authorization, he can lose his license and go to jail.
His frustrations mount. Then one case pushes him over the edge.
Lovely, strong-willed dancer Nicole Hudson rose to Broadway stardom from a wretched childhood only to have her life shattered by a tragic accident. David's new treatment is her only hope. She knows the risks of the experimental procedure, but she desperately wants to try it. To be effective, it must be done soon. They cannot wait years to go through the approval process of CareFree.
A rebel doctor, a beautiful dancer, a growing passion, and a dangerous run-in with the law converge in one explosive case.
NOBLE VISION is an exciting novel with nail-biting suspense and plot twists you'll never see coming. You'll experience the thrill of a medical breakthrough, the anguish of a tragic accident, the agony of life-changing decisions made outside of one's control, and the excitement of two people from discordant worlds discovering their own supreme harmony.
Tightly plotted, elegantly written, vibrantly romantic, and keenly controversial, this timely novel makes the ideal thinking-person's thriller.
AWARDS FOR NOBLE VISION: ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Finalist Writer's Digest 13th International Book Awards, Honorable Mention Midwest Book Awards, Finalist Illinois Women's Press Association Fiction Contest, Second Place
NOBLE VISION ATTRACTS READERS OF: Medical drama and thrillers, Medical romance fiction, Political fiction, Books on ObamaCare, Libertarian spirited fiction, economic conservative books, Inspirational stories, and works challenging conventional wisdom.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gen LaGreca is a former pharmaceutical chemist and healthcare writer. Aside from fiction, she also writes social commentary. Her articles have appeared in Forbes, The Orange County Register, Daily Caller, and other publications. Fans of NOBLE VISION will want to read Gen's other novels, A DREAM OF DARING and FUGITIVE FROM ASTERON.


Genevieve (Gen) LaGreca writes novels with innovative plots, strong romance, and themes that glorify personal freedom and independence.

Gen's debut novel is Noble Vision. This romantic medical thriller won two important national literary awards. It was a Foreword magazine Book of the Year Finalist. It was also a finalist in the Writer's Digest International Book Awards contest-one of only six picks honoring general fiction published by independent presses. Noble Vision garnered praise from magazine magnate Steve Forbes, Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, syndicated columnist Walter E. Williams, and other influential thinkers.

Showing her virtuosity across genre lines, Gen's second offering is the historical novel A Dream of Daring. This antebellum murder mystery took five book awards, including the celebrated Foreword Book of the Year Finalist in Romance, as well as the Midwest Book Awards Finalist in Romance and in Historical Fiction, and the Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist in Multicultural Fiction and in Regional Fiction.

Gen's third novel is the science fiction romance and adventure, Fugitive From Asteron.

In addition to fiction, Gen also writes social and political commentaries, which have appeared in Forbes, The Orange County Register, The Daily Caller, Real Clear Markets, Mises Daily, The Gainesville Sun, and other publications.

On the personal side, Gen is engaged to a university professor; she and he live in the Midwest.

Prior to fiction writing, Gen worked as a pharmaceutical chemist, business consultant, and corporate writer. She holds an undergraduate degree in chemistry from Polytechnic Institute of New York and a graduate degree in philosophy from Columbia University.

Her variety of life experiences-in science and business, as well as in philosophy and writing-brings vibrant characters, urgent issues, thematic depth, and an outside-the-box approach to Gen's novels. Their sweeping themes of self-sovereignty and the triumph of the individual attract thoughtful readers across genre lines.

To contact Gen, send her a message: genlagreca[at]hotmail[dot]com.
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