Heaven...Eternal Living: Is What I Could Expect If I Give My Heart to God

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Januar 2005



This book was written with you in mind. People need to understand that there is something more to life than what our five senses says there is. Our lives were delicately designed to live longer than 40, 60 or even 100 years. God put way too much work and effort into forming us out of His own image and originally placing us in a paradise. Every good father wants the best for his children and works hard to give them what he never had. How much more will God the Father give unto those who give their heart to Him? God wants us to experience the greatness and glory of what He has. Be mindful that every good and perfect gift that we have experienced is only just a taste of what is prepare for us. The feelings that we have on our 18th birthday, the relief of stress the day after our retirement, the satisfaction that we experience after accomplishing a goal and the joy and excitement of a dream come true can not compare with our final destination; Heaven ....Eternal Living.

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