Experiencing Buddhism: Ways of Wisdom and Compassion

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Mai 2005



This book engages the reader with its story-telling style as it illustrates the principles of Buddhism with concrete examples. Paying special attention to the rise of Buddhist practice in the West, Habito introduces the novice to Buddhist experience in its historical unity and the variety of traditions that reflect its essence. Integrated into Habitos text are five personal accounts by practicing Buddhists: on being a Therevada Buddhist by the Venerable Dhammananda, Dr. Chatsumarn Kabilsing; on being a Zen Buddhist by Jan Chozen Bays; on being a Tibetan Buddhist by Judith Simmer Brown; on being a Pure Land Buddhist by Kenneth Tanaka; and on living the Lotus by Virginia Straus.


Ruben L. F. Habito is professor of world religions and spirituality, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, and resident teacher, Maria Kannon Zen Center, Dallas, Texas.
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