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November 2003



This book examines the omission of siblings from psychological theories and the possible reasons for it, and starts the search for a new paradigm based on siblings and lateral relationships.


List of Illustrations. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1 Siblings and Psychoanalysis: an Overview. 2 Did Oedipus have a Sister?. 3 Sister--Brother/Brother--Sister Incest. 4 Looking Sideways: 'A Child is being Beaten'. 5 The Difference between Gender and Sexual Difference. 6 Who's Been Sitting in My Chair?. 7 Attachment and Maternal Deprivation: How did John Bowlby Miss the Siblings?. 8 In our Own Times: Sexuality, Psychoanalysis and Social Change. 9 Conclusion: Siblings and the Engendering of Gender. Notes. References and Select Bibliography. Index


Juliet Mitchell is Professor of Psychoanalysis and Gender Studies at the University of Cambridge and a full member of the International Society of Psychoanalysis.


"Juliet Mitchell, brimming as usual with ideas, insights and reflections, has turned her attention to sibling relationships as the neglected and much underestimated influence on an individual's identity formation. Love, hate, sexual experience, the shaping of gender roles, suffering and survival strategies are pursued as the sibling exchange. A work to provoke thought and discussion packed with real life and literary evidence." Olwen Hufton University of Oxford "In 1974, Mitchell's Psychoanalysis and Feminism offered a major challenge to a resistant Anglo--Saxon feminism with her compelling case that psychoanalysis, most often seen by feminists to be part of the problem, was rather a powerful resource for feminist explanation and understanding of male domination, female oppression. Almost thirty years on, with Siblings, she has made a second, perhaps even more radical intervention. Her analysis of the lateral relations of siblings and peers promises to transform many of the recurrent issues and debates of contemporary feminism. ... This new book offers richly stimulating resources that should fuel feminist scholarship and debate for many years." Terry Lovell, Warwick University
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