Reception of Virginia Woolf in Europe

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Part I French: Virginia Woolf among writers and critics - the French intellectual scene, Pierre-Eric Villeneuve; the French reception of Virginia Woolf - an "Etat Present" of "Etudes Woolfiennes", Carole Rodier; translating Virginia Woolf into French, Francoise Pellan; a Virginia Woolf, with a French twist, Mary Ann Caws.
Part II German: the German reception and criticism of Virginia Woolf - a survey of phases and trends in the 20th century, Ansgar and Vera Nunning; installing Modernism - the reception of Virginia Woolf in the German Democratic Republic, Wolfgang Wicht.
Part III Polish: from Silence to a polyphony of voices - Virginia Woolf's reception in Poland, Urszula Terentowicz-Fotyga.
Part IV Swedish: "Literature is No One's Private Ground" - the critical and political reception of Virginia Woolf in Sweden, Catherine Sandbach-Dahlstrom, V. Danish; waves of influence - the Danish reception of Virginia Woolf Ida Klitgard.
Part VI Greek: "The Country of the Moon" and the Woman of "Interior Monologue" - Virginia Woolf in Greece, Katerina K. Kitsi-Mitakou.
Part VII Italian: the reception of Virginia Woolf in Italy, Sergio Perosa.
Part VIII Spanish: " Gaping Mouth, But No Words" - Virginia Woolf enters the land of butterflies, Laura Lojo Rodriguez; the emerging voice - a review of Spanish scholarship on Virginia Woolf, Alberto Lazaro; Virginia Woolf and the search for symbolic mothers in modern Spanish fiction - the case of "Tres Mujeres", Maria Jos Gomez Fuentes.
Part IX Galician: "A Fastness of Their Own" - the Galician reception of Virginia Woolf, Manuela Palacios.
Part X Catalan: Modernism, nationalism and feminism - representations of Virginia Woolf in Catalonia, Jacqueline A. Hurtley.
Part XI Portuguese: the Portuguese reception of Virginia Woolf, Gra a Abranches.
Part XII History of publishing: the European dimensions of the Hogarth Press, Laura Marcus.


Mary Ann Caws is Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature, English, and French at the Graduate School of the City University of New York. Nicola Luckhurst has written on Proust (Science and Structure in Proust's 'A la recherche du temps perdu' (OUP, 2000)), Montaigne, Gisele Freund, and Virginia Woolf. Her new translation of Freud's Studies in Hysteria was published in 2004.


"This rich volume enlarges our understanding of how a writer can become caught up in movements far beyond her own awareness. It reminds us too of how the rhythms pose, the twists of a sentence, can carry sensibility through from language to language. Woolf has been appropriated repudiated, inhabited, by writers and critics across Europe...this volume [has] a range of essays that give us real insight into how a writer is made anew by different readers." Gillian Beers, Comparative Critical Studies--Sanford Lakoff
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