An Introduction to Programming and Numerical Methods in Matlab

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Juni 2005



An elementary first course for students in mathematics and engineering
Practical in approach: examples of code are provided for students to debug, and tasks - with full solutions - are provided at the end of each chapter
Includes a glossary of useful terms, with each term supported by an example of the syntaxes commonly encountered


Simple Calculations with MATLAB.- Writing Scripts and Functions.- Loops and Conditional Statements.- Root Finding.- Interpolation and Extrapolation.- Matrices.- Numerical Integration.- Solving Differential Equations.- Simulations and Random Numbers.


Steve Otto was formerly a lecturer at Birmingham University but now heads a research unit at St. Andrews, UK. This book is based on courses taught at Birmingham and at Adelaide to students in mathematics, engineering and economics.


From the reviews of the first edition:
"This book is an introduction to the numerical methods that are frequently used in science and engineering undergraduate courses and it is based on the MATLAB programming environment. ... The text is easy to read even for those who have little experience with computer practice. ... There are three appendices and the most useful of them, about 70 pages, gives solutions to the tasks at the end of chapters." (Matti Vuorinen, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1076, 2006)
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