Boyle on Fire: The Mechanical Revolution in Scientific Explanation

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Mai 2004



This process reveals those characteristics of mechanical explanations that make them superior to elemental theories of chemical explanation, characteristics that have become an enduring feature of the scientific enterprise.


William R. Eaton teaches philosophy at Georgia Southern University.


"'Boyle on Fire is a groundbreaking study, and the first book-length treatment of Boyle's epistemology and philosophy of science. The study of Boyle's philosophy is a popular topic in current work on early modern philosophy... Eaton's project not only provides an important new interpretation of Boyle's role in the scientific revolution, it also applies Boyle's philosophy to issues in contemporary philosophy of science' Robert Hahn, Southern Illinois University and University of Missouri at St. Louis 'Eaton's study of Boyle's mechanical philosophy has much to offer to philosophers and historians alike. The fact that it is clearly written and includes background to Boyle's context as well as the secondary literature on Boyle also makes it an ideal text for students' Helen Hattab, University of Houston"
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