Analysing Academic Writing

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The balance struck in this volume between discussion of theory and reports on and suggestions for practice make it an invaluable collection for all those engaged in researching and teaching academic writing. Most of the contributions present work influenced by systemic functional linguistics, but the collection will also be of interest to those adopting alternative approaches.'


Introduction - Louise Ravelli and Rob Ellis; 1. Patterns of Engagement: Dialogic Features and L2 Undergraduate Writing; Ken Hyland; 2. Managing Attitude in Undergraduate Academic Writing: A Focus on the Introductions to Research Reports; Susan Hood; 3. Scholar or Consultant? Author-roles of Student Writers in German Business Writing; Helmut Gruber; 4. Word Power: Negotiating Success in First-Year Sociology Essay Sue Starfield; 5. Signalling the Organisation of Written Texts: Hyper-Themes in Management and History Essays; Louise Ravelli; 6. Developing Discipline-Specific Writing: An Analysis of Undergraduate Geography Essays; Ann Hewings; 7. IELTS as Preparation for Tertiary Writing: Distinctive Interpersonal and Textual Strategies; Caroline Coffin and Ann Hewings; 8. Problems with the Metaphorical Reconstrual of Meaning in Chinese EFL Learners' Expositions; Chen Youping; 9. Technical Writing in a Second Language: The Role of Grammatical Metaphor; Mary Schleppergrell; 10. The Exegesis as a Genre: An Ethnographic Examination; Brian Paltridge; 11. Supporting Genre-Based Literacy Pedagogy with Technology: The Implications for the Framing and Classification of the Pedagogy; Robert Ellis; 12. Teaching Academic Writing On-Screen: A Seach for Best Practice; Helen Drury; 13. Learning to Write in the Disciplines: The Application of Systemic Functional Linguistic Theory to the Teaching and Research of Student Writing; Janet Jones


Louise Ravelli is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics, University of New South Wales. Robert Ellis teaches at the Insititute for Teaching and Learning, University of Sydney.


"On the whole, this book gives a clear hint of where research within the Systemic Functional framework is aiming at and convincingly demonstrates how productive this framework is for, precisely, analyzing academic writing." -"Linguist List", April 2006
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