The Tragic Absolute

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August 2005



Shows that German idealist and romantic theories of literature and aesthetic judgment are closer to the heart of metaphysics and ethics than previously thought. This title explores the contributions of Schelling, Holderlin, and others to the aesthetics of tragedy, and charts the fate of the speculative philosophy in terms of the tragic.


David Farrell Krell, Professor of Philosophy at DePaul University, is author of several books, including Postponements (IUP, 1986), Of Memory, Reminiscence, Writing (IUP, 1990), Daimon Life (IUP, 1992), Infectious Nietzsche (IUP, 1996), and Contagion (IUP, 1998).


"This is vintage Krell--he is as always, a reader in the best sense of the word... " Dennis J. Schmidt "Krell is a strong and often eloquent writer ... I regard this to be one of his most important works..." Jason M. Wirth
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