Formal Methods in Software and Systems Modeling

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Februar 2005



By presenting state-of-the-art research results on various aspects of formal and visual modeling of software and systems, this book commemorates the 60th birthday of Hartmut Ehrig. The 24 invited reviewed papers are written by students and collaborators of Hartmut Ehrig who are established researchers in their fields. Reflecting the scientific interest and work of Hartmut Ehrig, the papers fall into three main parts on graph transformation, algebraic specification and logic, and formal and visual modeling.


Graph Transformation.- On the Concurrent Semantics of Algebraic Graph Grammars.- From Graph Transformation to Software Engineering and Back.- Flexible Interconnection of Graph Transformation Modules.- Simulating Algebraic High-Level Nets by Parallel Attributed Graph Transformation.- Graph Processes with Fusions: Concurrency by Colimits, Again.- Graph Transformation with Variables.- Graph Transformation in Molecular Biology.- Changing Labels in the Double-Pushout Approach Can Be Treated Categorically.- Algebraic Specification and Logic.- Modules, Brains and Schemas.- From Conditional Specifications to Interaction Charts.- Algebraic Properties of Interfaces.- ? T -Integration of Logics.- Functorial Semantics of Rewrite Theories.- Expander2.- Relationships Between Equational and Inductive Data Types.- Cofree Coalgebras for Signature Morphisms.- Formal and Visual Modeling.- Nested Constraints and Application Conditions for High-Level Structures.- Synthesis Revisited: Generating Statechart Models from Scenario-Based Requirements.- Main Concepts of Networks of Transformation Units with Interlinking Semantics.- Embeddings and Contexts for Link Graphs.- Towards Architectural Connectors for UML.- Loose Semantics of Petri Nets.- A Formal Framework for the Development of Concurrent Object-Based Systems.- A Formal Description of the Basic Concepts of System Theory for Transportation.


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