Necessary Evil

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The author shows that the roots of evil lie with angelic beings, and discusses the prehistory of evil in heaven, showing how the polarity of two kinds of evil--with good as a balance between them--manifests in earthly history, education, work, human relationships, sexuality, religion, and technology.


Hans-Werner Schroeder, born in 1931, is a priest of the Christian Community. He teaches at the seminary in Stuttgart and is the author of The Cosmic Christ (Floris Books, 1997).


'This book is most certainly the immensely useful and enlightening creation of a mature and wise anthroposophist. My partner read this book before I did and remarked upon how it was both enormously challenging to read and yet also almost un-put-down-able. It is difficult to imagine a stronger recommendation than this.' -- Richard House, New View, Autumn 2005 'Explains Rudolf Steiner's philosophy of evil and shows how evil can be overcome and transformed -- there is an interesting chapter on evil in fairytale.' -- Scientific & Medical Network Review, Spring 2005
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