Secret Scribbled Notebooks

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September 2005



Seventeen-year-old Kate writes all of her dreams and thoughts in a set of three secret notebooks. In each of these journals, she records her daily life, from caring for her baby niece and making friends to dealing with the loss of parents and yearning for the future. Through reading, writing, and experiencing teenage life, Kate discovers love, friendship, and her own ambitions. This beautifully written portrait of a girl in her last year of school explores the universal stresses, joys, confusions, and observations of life as a teenager.


Joanne Horniman has spent most of her life in country New South Wales, apart from a few years in Sydney and some time travelling overseas. She has worked as an editor, teacher and artist - some of the posters she helped produce are in the print collection of the Australian National Gallery. She has written many books for children and teenagers, including Secret Scribbled Notebooks (A+U 2004), winner of the 2005 Qld Premier's Literary Award and shortlisted for the Victorian Premier's and CBCA Awards. A Charm of Powerful Trouble (A+U 2002) was shortlisted for three Premier's Literary awards, and Mahalia (A+U 2001) was a CBC Honour book, and also shortlisted for numerous awards. Her next book with Allen + Unwin, to be published in 2008, will be a companion volume to Secret Scribbled Notebooks.


a deeply satisfying novel on every level understated and beautifully written a writer of rare skill and power.' ViewpointSpring 2004.The writing is beautiful brightened by shafts of humour romantic and introspective.' MagpiesVol 19, No 4, Sept 2004Kate's emotions, her thoughts and her honesty are transfixing. Horniman captures the anxiety and possibility of the cusp of adulthood, using elegant, evocative prose.' Weekend Australian, December 2004A languid, romantic, charming novel 'ACYL Newsletter, Dec. 2004An evocative, dream-like read.' Girlfriendmagazine
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