The New York Times Will Shortz's Greatest Hits: 150 Crossword Puzzles Personally Picked by the Puzzlemaster

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Juli 2005



Will Shortz is a legendary figure in American crosswords--the one name even casual solvers recognize. And in four great, hot-selling volumes he's picked his favorite daily-size, favorite Sunday, and funniest, punniest "New York Times" crosswords. Now this new collection features: "*" For the first time, Will's top picks are available in a convenient, transportable format* 150 of the best puzzles from the previous four Will Shortz-selected volumes* Puzzles selected from "Will Shortz's Favorite Crosswords, Favorite Sunday Crosswords, Funniest Crosswords, " and "Funniest Crosswords Volume 2.""*" The top brand name in crosswords: "The New York Times"

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