Mechanizing Mathematical Reasoning

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Februar 2005



By presenting state-of-the-art results in logical reasoning and formal methods in the context of artificial intelligence and AI applications, this book commemorates the 60th birthday of Jörg H. Siekmann. The 30 revised reviewed papers are written by former and current students and colleagues of Jörg Siekmann; also included is an appraisal of the scientific career of Jörg Siekmann entitled "A Portrait of a Scientist: Logics, AI, and Politics." The papers are organized in four parts on logic and deduction, applications of logic, formal methods and security, and agents and planning.


A Portrait of a Scientist: Logic, AI and Politics.- A Portrait of a Scientist: Logic, AI and Politics.- Logic and Deduction.- Some Reflections on Proof Transformations.- Rewrite and Decision Procedure Laboratory: Combining Rewriting, Satisfiability Checking, and Lemma Speculation.- SAT-Based Decision Procedures for Automated Reasoning: A Unifying Perspective.- Temporal Dynamics of Support and Attack Networks: From Argumentation to Zoology.- Footprints of Conditionals.- Time for Thinking Big in AI.- Solving First-Order Constraints over the Monadic Class.- From MKRP to ?MEGA.- Decidable Variants of Higher-Order Unification.- Normal Natural Deduction Proofs (in Non-classical Logics).- History and Future of Implicit and Inductionless Induction: Beware the Old Jade and the Zombie!.- The Flowering of Automated Reasoning.- Applications of Logics.- Description Logics as Ontology Languages for the Semantic Web.- Living Books, Automated Deduction and Other Strange Things.- An Essay on Sabotage and Obstruction.- Bridging Theorem Proving and Mathematical Knowledge Retrieval.- Formal Description of Natural Languages: An HPSG Grammar of Polish.- Psychological Validity of Schematic Proofs.- Natural Language Proof Explanation.- Why Proof Planning for Maths Education and How?.- Formal Methods and Security.- Towards MultiMedia Instruction in Safe and Secure Systems.- The Impact of Models in Software Development.- Formal Software Development in MAYA.- A Unification Algorithm for Analysis of Protocols with Blinded Signatures.- Exploiting Generic Aspects of Security Models in Formal Developments.- Verification Support Environment.- Agents and Planning.- SAT-Based Cooperative Planning: A Proposal.- Towards Comprehensive Computational Models for Plan-Based Control of Autonomous Robots.- Agents with Exact Foreknowledge.- Self-organisation in Holonic Multiagent Systems.


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